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Anastasia Nutrition with Intention & Bowen Body Balancing

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Anastasia Nutrition with Intention & Bowen Body Balancing


BOWEN BODY BALANCING can give you back your natural movement and flow.
Feel that stress and pain dissolve, leaving your body serene and yet full of renewed energy.
BOWEN THERAPY can correct or help with long term issues or acute injuries.
Bowen also helps with stress, depression and emotional, mental clarity.
Release and detoxify, renew, rebuild.


'Nutrition with Intention'
Personal help for you, your family, and your pets!
With 29 years of experience in Nutrition and Health Consulting
I am confident I can meet your needs.

Call your  BOWEN THERAPIST & LifeCleanse Health Coach today
and let me help you change your life.

I practice at the Galatea Clinic in Lindsay, Ontario,
Mondays 1pm until 7pm. & Wed. 1pm until 7pm.
and, out of my home in Janetville, Ontario
Thursdays 1pm until 6pm.

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Because Health IS your True Wealth.


Anastasia Nutrition with Intention & Bowen Body Balancing


The Bowen Technique is a specific series of muscle, nerve, and connective tissue movements designed to treat a wide range of problems and injuries. It addresses every system in the body, internal organs as well as the nervous system and musculoskeletal structure. These gentle, powerful moves send neurological impulses to the brain, which then is given time to process and feed impulses back to realign the body. Respecting this feedback loop is essential for allowing the body to restore its own natural balance.

The Bowen Technique practitioner will perform a series of 4 to 6 Bowen moves on the client and then leave the room for 2 to 5 minutes. The moves follow a set pattern designed to start the dialog between the body and brain that triggers the body to self-correct.
Each time the Bowen Technique practitioner returns to the room she will evaluate the client’s reaction to the session and then perform the next moves in the series.

The session is typically an hour long. The length of session is not indicative of the degree of healing. Bowen follows the premise that “less is more”. The practitioner is a catalyst, setting in motion the processes necessary for the body to heal itself.

Client assessment is performed at each visit in order to evaluate changes between sessions. A significant change in symptoms is often experienced, even after the initial visit.

Following the session, the client is encouraged to drink a good amount of water, to walk where possible on a frequent basis, and to wait. The wait is because Bowen continues to work for 5 days following the session. 

Bowen should not be mixed with other modalities for a period of 5 days before and after a Bowen session. Any other bodywork, including massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy etc. will interfere with the Bowen process and will stop the natural healing from progressing. The body and brain are fully involved in the Bowen conversation for 5 days and should not be interrupted.

Visits are scheduled approximately one week apart for the first three visits. After the first group of sessions there is a pause of 3 to 4 weeks before resuming Bowen, when necessary. Often follow up sessions are not required. The Bowen Technique will continue to be integrated over the next five days. Following the instructions below will allow the integration to proceed unhindered.

On the Day of Bowen:

Do not sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting up and walking a few steps. This is important even if driving - stop and walk around the car. You may lie down flat to rest, however, without having to get up. The Bowen signals will set overnight while you are sleeping.
Stand up with your weight evenly distributed on your feet, as you did after the session. This helps to maintain the balancing effect of Bowen on the body.
Strenuous exercise should be avoided. Gentle exercise, walking or swimming, is fine.
Drink plenty of water, to help the body expel waste products. No hot baths, heating pads or ice packs.
A brief, warm shower is acceptable.

During the Following Week:

No massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy, hot tubs, hot or cold packs, long hot showers, or dental drilling while Bowen is being integrated into the body. Homeopathic medicines and flower remedies are fine, they will not interfere. Continue to drink water, 2 quarts a day.  A gentle walk each day is recommended.

Recommended Follow-Up Session:

Return one week following the first session. The second session is important in setting the work into the body. Once the condition is resolved you may reschedule Bowen sessions either for maintenance or as needed.  By E.S. of T.C.